Trafficking is a mystery point and click adventure game.

You play as a detective solving a crime trough series of interviews. These play out as flashbacks, where you get to play as the interviewed person, giving you more insight into the events.

Your choices during these flashbacks also affect the branching storyline and the ending of the game.


  • Classic point & click gameplay
  • Branching storyline
  • Multiple endings
  • 10+ playable characters
  • 10+ hours of playtime
  • Modern low polygon graphics

Older posts

  • Low-Polygon water
    I have worked on a few water shaders in previous projects and there is something about it that I really enjoy doing. So I was eager to get started on the water shader for this project as well!
  • Cross-Platform
    I spent some time refactoring the project to be cross compatible across a maximum number of devices. I had to change from High Definition Render Pipeline to Universal Render Pipeline.
  • 3-point turns
    Working on the car AI has been more enjoyable than I thought. I was driving in my car today and could not stop thinking about how the car in my game needs to “think” in order to get from place to another faster.
  • Current overall game progress overview
    The basic features of the game are starting to get there. All art is placeholder, but bits and pieces of the required functionalities are there.
  • Fast-travel for open world point & click
    An open world game will be full of vast empty areas you need to cross. I did not want to do a fade-to-black-teleport type of travel, so I figured I will give the player character a car!
  • Google Maps kit-bashing test 1
    I quickly prototyped how Google Maps data works in a game engine. The results are really exiting!

Crash course

Get to know the basics fast.

  • Art style guide
    Now that I have been working on the project a while, a set of rules for the art has started to formulate in my brain. I will attempt to externalize it as much as possible.
  • But what is the game about?
    The game is a mystery adventure. You are investigating what happened during a span of time throug a series of interrogations. All of these interrogations you experience as gameplay flashbacks during which you will play as the interrogated person.
  • The journey begins!
    For years I have been talking about this game I am going to make. What the gameplay will be like, how the story will unfold, what locations would be cool, what king of experiences I want to craft…