Jussi-Petteri Kemppainen


18+ years of exp in games/video industry: Direction, art, C#.

Frequently asked questions

When is the game out?

Maybe never. I am working on this on my free time without funding so it might take a week a year or 10 years! Subscribe to my newsletter to find out!


What is the game about?

But what is the game about?

The game is a mystery adventure. You are investigating what happened during a span of time through a series of interrogations. All of these interrogations you experience as gameplay flashbacks during which you will play as the interrogated person.

A bit about the story

A brief introduction to the beginning of the game.

What platforms will the game be released on?

If I get it completed, it will be on PC, Mac, iOS, Apple TV, Android for sure!

Gamepad support will also be added early on to support possible console ports (ps, xbox, switch) as it will inform design decisions.

What will the price be?

How much would you pay for a game like this?

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Do you need help?

No, but maybe give me a shout anyway? Who knows what might happen!

    Is this your first tango?

    No, here are 50 other things I have done for starters!

    • Iron Danger – Shard of TimeIron Danger – Shard of Time
      My debut PC / Console game as a game lead. A game all about maximising your actions in combat with the help of infinite redos and intuitive trial and error. It is basically a gamified combat sequence animation tool (so cool)! A lot of games market themselves as being built… Read more »
    • AallonmurtajaAallonmurtaja
      Aallonmurtaja Title Sequence Written, Directed & Cinematography by Tero Ahonen Assisted by Jesse Pyysalo Edited by Jussi-Petteri Kemppainen & Tero Ahonen Music by Antony Bentley & Mikko Joensuu Client: Warner Bros. International Television Production Finland Aallonmurtaja TV series directed by Mika Kurvinen Premiere 2.9. at C More Suomi, MTV3, MTV… Read more »
    • Virtual TravellerVirtual Traveller
      A promotional video created for https://virtualtraveller.com/ The video is actually created to be functional in 360 VR. Read more »
    • Big Bang Legends trailerBig Bang Legends trailer
      A set of 3D versions of 2D characters created for Lightneer. I also created the motion graphics. Character animations by Janne Roivainen. Read more »
    • Pollen – TrailerPollen – Trailer
      A trailer for the VR game Pollen. Directed by Jukka Salo. Read more »
    • Quantum BreakQuantum Break
      Trailer for Quantum Break, showcasing some of the work we did for the cinematics in the game. Read more »
    • Slush 2015Slush 2015
      My company, VAU, produced the visuals and the tools for all the stages at Slush 2015. Read more »
    • Ainola AliveAinola Alive
      A live visual VJ set for Meidän Festivaali celebrating Jean Sibelius and especially his wife, Aino. Together with my brother we produced visuals for 4 concerts in total. We did not know of the performances in advance, so I built a live visual set capable of adapting to any type… Read more »
    • Iron Danger Proof of ConceptIron Danger Proof of Concept
      A proof of concept trailer for Sami Timonen’s Iron Danger. This is a standalone piece separate from the actual production. Read more »
    • MichaelMichael
      A video installation of Michael Jackson created for Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art. Read more »
    • Fix youFix you
      A live performance by Petteri Sariola. Directed by me. Read more »
    • Angry Birds Toons RiggingAngry Birds Toons Rigging
      In this presentation I describe the creation of the 3D-like rigging in Adobe After Effects to produce 2D animation with hand-drawn qualities for Angry Birds Toons. Adobe: How did Rovio Animation get started? Kemppainen: After Rovio’s amazing success in mobile gaming, the company decided to expand its offerings to include more entertainment and… Read more »
    • BensusanBensusan
      A live performance by Petteri Sariola. Directed by me. Read more »
    • EasyEasy
      A live performance by Petteri Sariola. Directed by me. Read more »
    • I still haven’t found what I’m looking forI still haven’t found what I’m looking for
      A live performance by Petteri Sariola. Directed by me. Read more »
    • RetryRetry
      Retry was the best thing I ever worked on at Rovio. A perfect game! It is a shame it can no longer be downloaded from Apple App Store. Thank god the soundtrack is available! Read more »
    • Shuffle & SpawnShuffle & Spawn
      An Angry Birds collage music video for Ted Striker. Directed by me. Read more »
    • Ten More milesTen More miles
      A music video for Turisas. Directed by Jukka Salo. Read more »
    • Miten Sydämet Toimii?Miten Sydämet Toimii?
      A music video for Anssi Kela. Directed by Jukka Salo. Read more »
    • Back From Your GraveBack From Your Grave
      Direction: Jukka Salo DoP: Toni Pasanen Post Production: Jussi Kemppainen Screenplay: Jussi Kemppainen, Jukka Salo Illustration: Antti Kemppainen Read more »
    • Angry Birds ToonsAngry Birds Toons
      A teaser trailer for Angry Birds season 1. Created at Rovio Animation Studio (Which was Kombo, merged in to Rovio). Watch all episodes Read more »
    • Uneton 48: Härkämiehet 2Uneton 48: Härkämiehet 2
      An entry we did for the uneton 48 movie competition where the idea is to make a movie in 48 hours. This time the jury failed to see the greatness of our masterpiece. Read more »
    • Angry Birds NASAAngry Birds NASA
      An Angry Birds Space announcement video. Actually filmed in space! My most viewed video to date: over 30 million views. Uncut version at NASA’s channel. Read more »
    • On se hienooOn se hienoo
      A music video for GG Caravan. Directed by Jukka Salo. Read more »
    • Kaksi SanaaKaksi Sanaa
      A music video for Tommi Läntinen. Directed by Jukka Salo. Read more »
    • Missä Kuljimme KerranMissä Kuljimme Kerran
      It is an historical movie set in Helsinki in the period from 1905 until 1944. Among its motifs are the often vain search for happiness, love and prosperity. It tells the stories of the aristocratic Lilliehjelm family, the middle-class Widing family and the poor Kajander family from the Finland’s independence… Read more »
    • Ella & Aleksi – YllätysynttäritElla & Aleksi – Yllätysynttärit
      A trailer for Ella and Aleksi. The whole movie was Created at Kombo (with one sequence produced at Anima). Read more »
    • Nokia N9 “Swipe”Nokia N9 “Swipe”
      Film for a website showcasing Nokia N9 UI features. Direction by Gang Of Three. Read more »
    • Uneton 48: Hyvää SyntymäpäivääUneton 48: Hyvää Syntymäpäivää
      An entry we did for the uneton 48 movie competition where the idea is to make a movie in 48 hours. We won the audience choice award. Read more »
    • Kylkeen KyhnytäKylkeen Kyhnytä
      A music video for Lauri Tähkä. Directed by Jukka Salo. Read more »
    • Aktia PSAktia PS
      A TV ad for a bank. Read more »
    • Cosmic AvengerCosmic Avenger
      A short animated film about 2 mail-robots that encounter an abandoned package. I was contacted by the director duo Mariko & Ismo after they had seen my music video Pieni ja Ihmeellinen. They loved its style and wanted to create an animated movie using the same visual style. This time… Read more »
    • LottovoittoLottovoitto
      A music video for Maija Vilkkumaa. Directed by Pete Veijalainen. Read more »
    • The MachineThe Machine
      A music video for Collarbone. Directed by Jukka salo and me. Read more »
    • Veikkaus: YllätysVeikkaus: Yllätys
      A set of advertisements for a finnish national betting company. Read more »
    • Heaven Or HellHeaven Or Hell
      Direction: Jussi Kemppainen Director of Photography: Toni Pasanen Grip: Lauri Konttori, Jyri Sääksjärvi Read more »
    • MTV3 MAX – WW2MTV3 MAX – WW2
      A piece asking for donations to help the finnish war veterans. Created from actual war-time photographs. Read more »
    • KertojatKertojat
      Direction: Jussi Kemppainen Director of Photography: Toni Pasanen Read more »
    • Distorted LoveDistorted Love
      Director: Jussi Kemppainen  Director of Photography: Toni Pasanen  Gaffer: Ville Vainio  Grip: Sami Kustila  Animators: Jussi Kemppainen, Ilmari Hakkola, Lauri Konttori, Tuomas Gustaffson Read more »
    • SuudellaanSuudellaan
      A music video for lauri Tähkä. Directed by Jukka Salo. Read more »
    • All By MyselfAll By Myself
      Direction: Jussi Kemppainen Performers: Osmo Ikonen, Petteri Sariola Director of Photography: Toni Pasanen Sound engineer: Niklas Nylund Read more »
    • Biisi Liisi & Kurittomat nuotitBiisi Liisi & Kurittomat nuotit
      A teaser video for a new kind of note reading teaching method. Created at Kombo in the year 2008. Read more »
    • VauriotVauriot
      A music video for Apulanta. Directed by Toni Virhiä. Read more »
    • Pauhaava SydänPauhaava Sydän
      A music video for lauri Tähkä. Directed by Jukka Salo. Read more »
    • Kauan Kauan SittenKauan Kauan Sitten
      A music video for Liekki. Directed by Jukka Salo. Read more »
    • Reset GenerationReset Generation
      I created the level background art for this classic N-Gage game. Read more »
    • Gruuvit Tiu KallaGruuvit Tiu Kalla
      Direction: Jussi Kemppainen Crew: Antti Kemppainen, Vältsy, Sorjola, Jyrki KemppainenTurkka Parviainen, Topi Kemppainen Read more »
    • LuonnonkuoretLuonnonkuoret
      Direction: Jussi-Petteri Kemppainen Performers: Antti Kemppainen, Jyri Sääksjärvi, Paavo Vartiainen,James Barnes, Heidi Kauppinen Drivers: Tiia Arnberg, Jyrki Kemppainen Read more »
    • Menneet on päivätMenneet on päivät
      A music video for Waurio. Directed by Lauri Konttori. Read more »
    • Pieni ja IhmeellinenPieni ja Ihmeellinen
      Direction: Jussi Kemppainen Screenplay: Lauri Konttori Puppets and Miniatures: Lauri Konttori, Jussi Kemppainen, Antti Kemppainen Wardrobe: Mirkka Kallio Gaffer: Toni Pasanen, Lauri Konttori Grip: Antti Kemppainen, Jyrki Kemppainen Drawings: Lauri Konttori, Tommi Ojala Thanks: Jyri Sääksjärvi, Tero Ahonen, Riitta KemppainenRoosa Saarinen, Alex Keskitalo, Vanessa Riki, Markus KallioTopi Kemppainen, Anna Kemppainen,… Read more »
    Does the game have a publisher?

    Nope, this is just my hobby.

    Does the game need a publisher?

    Not yet…

    Are you motivated now, but will eventually lose interest and the project will fade into nothingness?

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