Fast-travel for open world point & click

Fast-travel for open world point & click

An open world game will be full of vast empty areas you need to cross. I did not want to do a fade-to-black-teleport type of travel, so I figured I will give the player character a car!

The second prototype of path following AI car with AnyCarAI script. In this video, the car is driven by an AI, not by me. Now with actual car travel functionality!

After committing to real-world sourced level geometry (for reference use, final game art will be modeled by hand and look as outlined in the art style guide) I realized that it will take for ever for the player to go from place to place. An open world game will be full of vast empty areas you need to cross to get from a place of interest to a place of interest. So a fast travel mechanism is required. I did not want to do a fade-to-black-teleport type of travel, so I figured I will give the player character a car!

You will not be able to drive the car freely, as I do not want to take into account you crashing into the sea, or into a forklift, or disrupting the flow of the game with other reckless car antics. So, the way the car will work in the game is like a taxi, you get in there, select a point of interest from the map and the car will take you there by itself and park nearby. Then you are free to leave the car and explore the location by foot.

I think that this will be a fun little mechanic. Also, it allows me to hint at future locations and stuff that you will pass by when traveling with the car.

The car asset I chose did not function 100% like I needed it to: it made the car drive along a looping curve and it does not support turning the car on / off. These features I needed to implement myself.

Naturally now that I have one car, I need more cars! Puzzles with cars, NPC characters with cars! CARS!

I am not sure if the car will teleport to the parking lot of the location you are currently at. Or do you need to walk to the car if you move to a different location by foot? Maybe it will be just fine to have a teleporting car?

Tell me what do you think?

Should the car always be found at the nearest parking lot?

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Car has been updated to work with user input. At the moment it only drives from one parking lot to another. But eventually you will be presented with a map screen on car enter from where you can choose your desired location.

Implemented features:

-Physics based AI driven car
-Car will follow a set path
-Path can be changed on demand
-Physics get turned off when the car is parked
-Player can examine the car
-Player can enter the car
-Player will automatically exit the car when it arrives at the destination
-Car will always teleport to a nearby parking lot when going around the world by foot
-Car will display dialogue spoken in the car
-Car can do a 3-point turn
-The car speed can be controlled by the path curve

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