2D characters for Pikku Kakkonen

dAb was commissioned to design and create modernised versions of the classic characters in the Pikku Kakkonen children’s programming logo.

In addition to the modernised logo characters, dAb designed the 2D version of one beloved puppet character.

Extensive research was done on the different visual styles and technical solutions for different children’s TV programming. 2 versions of each character rig was created, one for realtime applications in Unity, and one for pre-rendered animations in After Effects. They used the same sprite sheets created in Affinity Designer and the animator controls in both environments were the same. In Unity the tools were built with C# and in After Effects using AE Expressions.

Short clip displaying the simple mount rig controls in Unity 3D

The work was a continuation of Rovio’s Angry Birds rig, completing the “just a head” rig for the birds with full body controls.